CFJE partners with JData of Brandeis University to collect needed information from local congregational schools and day schools to keep track of changing patterns and trends in local Jewish education institutions. This information is shared with all participating schools and serves as a baseline for joint planning and innovation among the schools and with JUF in order to leverage resources for communal educational improvement.

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A Closer Look at Independent B'nai Mitzvah in the Chicagoland Area

An Exploration of Independent Jewish “Enrichment” Programs in Metropolitan Chicago

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What We Now Know about Congregational Education in Chicago: The 2015 JData Findings
presented by Dr. Amy Sales, Brandeis University

Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
CFJE is pleased to share with the entire congregational community the findings of our JData process. The Director of the national JData program, Dr. Amy Sales, will roll out the findings for the community at large and guide us through understanding how these findings can help both the community at large and each congregation in its educational planning and improvement.  CFJE will also announce new efforts to bring design innovation methodology to congregations seeking to build upon these findings towards improving their educational program. Educators, rabbis, and congregational lay leaders are all welcome and encouraged to attend.
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Jewish Education Grants
Interested in applying for a Jewish Education grant? Click HERE to access the Jewish Education Grants Application for Congregational and Supplementary Education for FY'18.

Exciting new professional development opportunities for early childhood educators.

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Thinking Together: Communal Conversations

Register today for CFJE's Thinking Together: Communal Conversations about Jewish Congregational and Early Childhood Education in Chicago . Join local educators, clergy, stakeholders and lay leaders as we hear from national leaders in Jewish Education who will stimulate conversations around the latest national ideas and local challenges in Jewish Congregational and Early Childhood Education in Chicago! 

Education Award Winners

Claudine Guralnick and Buddy Schreiber received CFJE Jewish education awards at CFJE symposium, Thinking Together: Communal Conversations about Jewish Congregational and Early Childhood Education in Chicago.

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