Looking for CFJE's Ulpan? It's now at the JCC!

CFJE's Hebrew Ulpan, also formerly known as Merkaz Ivrit, is now being run by JCC Chicago. Now known as "Say It In Hebrew," this exciting program offers a fresh and exciting approach to learning Hebrew!

Say It In Hebrew 

Ta'am Yisrael Registration Approaching 150!

Ta'am Yisrael flag picNearly 150 8th graders have registered for Ta'am Yisrael: A Taste of Israel, CFJE's 8th Grade Israel Experience! Have a child in 8th grade? Don't let them miss out on this incredible, transformative experience! 

Click here to read more about this incredible transformative program that has brought more than 1,300 8th Chicago-area 8th graders to Israel.

For more information, contact us at taamyisrael@cfje.org, or (312) 673-3268!


Ta'am Yisrael 2014 registration is now open!

Send your eighth grader to Israel February 3-11, 2014. Sign up »


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